General FAQ’s

Wireless Security Products

What is Globe’s SafeDial Wireless GL45 Product?

Globe’s SafeDial Wireless GL45 is a Multicom, MultiPath wireless and IP module that is powered by Permaconn and provides back to base alarm monitoring. Incorporating a Telstra 4G / GPRS SIM, 4 hour background integrity polling and handy tools like upload / download to your alarm panels / remote arm / disarm of alarm panels, the GL45 module is one of the most advanced products on the market.

Is there any extra equipment required in the Control Room to run the SafeDial Wireless product?

A key feature of the SafeDial Wireless product is that it can deliver events to the Control Room via two (2) different communication paths as follows:

  • All the events and fault messages are delivered to the Control Room via existing PSTN lines (with no need for any additional equipment).

That is, events are delivered via the Bureaus 1300/1345 Security Number, landing at the Control Room on their standard PSTN dialler lines. There are numerous levels of redundancy offered by Globe in this solution (Land lines, Wireless diallers, Digital SIP diallers, etc).

  • All events and fault messages are delivered to the Control Room via the Permaconn Multiline Digital IP Receiver (already in place in most Control Rooms).

This is, events are delivered via IP, landing on the Permaconn Multiline IP Receiver (just like Permaconn). This also includes 4G failover redundancy backup.

Does the SafeDial Wireless service cost me anything?

Yes, there is a one-time product purchase for the equipment and then a fixed monthly service fee which covers the cost of the 4G/GPRS SIM card and all call costs – You can rest assured there are no hidden surprises with run away diallers.

Are there any additional monitoring fees?

There are NO additional monitoring fees associated with this wireless service.

What coverage can I expect from my wireless units?

Globe’s SafeDial Wireless Multicom, Multipath system is powered by the market leading Telstra cellular wireless network. Telstra’s cellular wireless network is the largest in Australia and provides coverage to over 99% of Australia’s population. SafeDial Wireless provides signal strength indicators and direct reporting via SafeDial Toolbox (ATLAS). Where signal strength is reported as ‘low’, higher gain antennas with extension cables can be installed as an option.

How will I know if my Safedial Wireless Solution is operational?

Globe’s Safedial Wireless solution is polled on a four (4) hour basis ensuring communications integrity. Should a failure occur, a failure message in Contact ID will be sent directly to your Control Room in Contact ID form. Refer to our Tech Support area for a list of fault notes.

Can I transfer my existing wireless equipment to Globe Wireless?

Absolutely, talk to Globe about our equipment trade-in scheme.

What do I need to do in respect to my monitoring service?

If you are transferring an existing wireless service or adding a new wireless service to an existing service contract you have in place with a Control Room, nothing is required. Alarm reporting from Globe’s SafeDial Wireless product will be sent to the Control Room in Contact ID format as per standard 1300 / 1345xxxx SafeDial number, or via the Permaconn multi-line digital receiver.

If you are connecting a new service, then you need to establish a monitoring facility with a Control Room.

Why wouldn’t I deal directly with Telco Carriers myself?

There are several reasons why Globe’s SafeDial Wireless solution is the right answer:

  • You will not need to take out individual mobile contracts with carriers for each installation.
  • You will not need to worry about making sure accounts are paid or pre-paid accounts are topped up for each customer.
  • You can activate your SafeDial Wireless unit on site, via your mobile, tablet or laptop, avoiding prior activation at a Telco shop and incurring SIM costs before invoicing your customer.
  • You will have an added advantage of knowing your wireless solution is operational at all times.
  • It can be quite complex and time consuming dealing with the internal hierarchy of the Telco’s in terms of connections, accounts and potential problems.
  • As we have an agreement in place to aggregate our total customer’s events, we are able to secure a far better rate for you than you would otherwise be able to in your own right and we provide the management of the service.

Who do I contact in an emergency?

Globe Telecom is available via a 1300 service during business hours hours Monday to Friday, for single unit faults, and also 24/7 for any faults or network related issues.

Can I check calls / events made from my wireless service?

For 1300 / 1345 PSTN delivery, Globe provides customer access to our MySafeDial web portal that provides up-to-date call information, including the ability to:

  • View your total monthly calls for both SafeDial PSTN and Wireless services.
  • View call totals for each day within the month.
  • View the actual call details for any given day. The details will include the time the call was made, the duration of the call, the number the call was made from, the answer point the call terminated to and the area the call originated from.
  • You will also have the abiliy to export any of the data to excel or .csv so you can sort or filter the data and perhaps, email relevant to individual customers.
  • A reporting function will also allow you to generate custom reports by time and date range and also originating phone number.

Similarly, these events and those delivered via the Permaconn Multi-Line IP Receiver are visible under your SafeDial Toolbox (ATLAS) login.